Matt Piggott

Sound & Light Technician
Mill Rythe Holiday Village

Product Lead: Audio Visual
Project Influence: Colour Festival


Matt’s interest in the entertainment industry began from the moment he went to his first, full-scale concert at the age of 14. This experience inspired him to study the technical side of music.

His first official course was Music Technology Production and Events whilst at college.

This then led him to study Live Sound Production at the London College of Music, part of the University of West London. During his third year at University, he gained insight into the industry by working part-time as a freelance sound technician.  He graduated with First Class Honours

Throughout his time at university, Matt worked on many shows ranging from those in small pubs and clubs to more ambitious theatre productions. It was at this point that Matt decided to come and join Mill Rythe Away Resorts as their full time sound and light technician.

Matt works to make sure all the Mill Rythe cast production shows are produced to the highest possible standard. The cast and directors create shows of an outstanding level, therefore Matt aims to deliver the same precision and calibre with the sound and light production.  He seeks to make impact, create atmosphere and enhance key moments so the shows are as memorable as possible for the guests.

As a technician, if you are doing your job well, nobody notices you.  If you make a mistake – all eyes are upon you.  This is why we want to make sure our guests are aware of Matt and the professional “behind the scenes” work he does, to ensure that every performance is perfect and seamless.  He may not be on stage but he is a vital link in the chain of this successful company.

Matt’s previous work lay working with live bands rather than theatre productions. However, since working at Mill Rythe, Matt has been given the opportunity to work with many more outstanding bands and artists for which he is very grateful.

Proud cast member since TBC

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